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Councilman Ricki Barlow at Western High School

March 30, 2010

Please welcome our newest volunteer blogger Brandon!  He is an AmeriCorps member and will be contributing his experiences to our blog.  We hope you enjoy hearing more about what AmeriCorps is doing in our community.  Check out his first article and let us know what you think.

Last Friday, I had the great pleasure of bringing another elected official to speak with the group of kids I work with as part of my AmeriCorps service at Western High School. Councilman Ricki Barlow was very dynamic as he used his time with the kids to take them along for the ride through his anecdotal journey to success. The speech was powerful in that it illustrated that a child can go from having a proverbial chip on their shoulder and really not believing that they can make a significant impact to becoming an elected official.

The speech was also very poignant in how it demonstrated that all a child needs is one person to truly believe in them to make a dramatic shift in their lives, however this belief is not a one way transaction, the individual who is on the receiving end must also have the initiative to build up upon the opportunities which are given to him or her.

It has been a pleasure to see a handful of the students I work with take the time to utilize and take advantage of the opportunities which have come before them, and it has been a defining moment in my life that I have been able to do so as part of AmeriCorps.

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