Honor First Responders!

August 30, 2012
September 11 is right around the corner, giving us all an opportunity to reflect and remember.  This year, the Volunteer Center is coordinating an opportunity for individuals, groups, families, and classrooms to thank a first responder.

Our project is simple.  We are asking participants to write a simple thank you.  We have sample messages (below) for those of you who might need a little nudge to get started, and we have information on where to find your local fire or police station.

Sample messages include:

  • Thank you for making our community a safer place to live.
  • Thanks for protecting our community.
  • Thank you for caring for our community.
  • Thank you for your discipline, honor and bravery every day.
  • Thank you for making our community a better place to live.

Ideas for work places/groups:

  • Create thank you cards or bake cookies for your local first responders.
  • Find your nearest fire station/police station and deliver lunch.
  • Volunteer to make dinner for your local fire/police station.
  • Spend your lunch hour writing thank you notes
  • Post a thank you message and picture on your company website

To find your nearest police station or firehouse:

North Las Vegas PD: http://bit.ly/OrPgnK

Las Vegas Metro PD: http://bit.ly/JxOZyk

Henderson PD: http://bit.ly/O3L9xo

Clark County FD: http://bit.ly/RsTGxo

Las Vegas FD: http://bit.ly/SSgDeU

North Las Vegas FD: http://bit.ly/OrRR0M

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