Soup from the Heart (by Alice Edwards)

June 21, 2012

ImageOne of my favorite and most memorable volunteer experiences was volunteering for a soup kitchen in Orange County. The soup kitchen was run out of a mobile trailer and the “pantry” was a recycled metal shipping crate. The volunteers were friendly and welcoming and really made me feel part of the group – wanted and appreciated – which is what kept me coming back to volunteer several times each month.

At the soup kitchen, we served donated salad, pies, and pastries as well as fresh soup that we made from scratch each week. The soup was magical – somehow, from all the random canned goods and nearly expired fresh vegetables and donated meat, the main soup cook consistently created a tasty and filling soup.  It was so good that I would even go back for seconds after we finished serving the crowd who came to eat.

While I think friendliness of the serving staff is what really impacted me the most, there was a secondary benefit to my service at that soup kitchen.  Before I volunteered there, I was never good at making soup, but some of the kitchen’s magic must have rubbed off on me and, to this day, I can make a tasty soup from whatever random items I have around!

If you would like to help the homeless and hungry of southern Nevada, please visit http://bit.ly/NxFoqa for more volunteer opportunities.


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