The Gist of Going Green (by Shae Hagen)

June 5, 2012

ImageWhat is going green? Recycling plastics and paper? Buying household products that are mindful of toxins? Spending more time connecting with nature and appreciating the great outdoors? While it could be composed of any of these, going green is simply this: a lifestyle. At the annual Green Fest on April 21, 2012 (a day shy of Earth Day), vendors from all walks of the green life came together as a community to share ideas and inspiration on environmental sustainability.

There are few better ways to spend a Saturday afternoon than listening to a live band in which every instrument was constructed out of another item: construction buckets as drums, gently used cymbals (cracked, but still noisy), and different plastic parts fused together to make an electric guitar! Other events included a fashion show with stylish recyclables that were trendy and fun, and drawing contests for kids on their visions of a more sustainable world.  Also, I will never look at a garbage can the same way; there were trash bins transformed into beautiful canvases using their once discarded contents (junk turned to art).

The Kid’s Zone consisted of free coloring books from Republic Services on education for the three notable R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) as well as live music, face painting, recyclable collectibles, a picture with Smokey the Bear himself, and free snacks supported by the Local Farmer’s Market and Whole Foods. Having the pleasure to volunteer alongside Whole Foods, I saw the delight of kids obtaining apples, bananas, and organic graham crackers!

Besides entertainment, there was a wealth of information to be found among the vendors. Local Farmer’s Markets set up samples of their organic produce, the water district and Nevada Energy Star provided ways to be conservative, non-profit organizations collaborated to spread awareness, and many organizations who are turning to greener initiatives were found. If you are curious on ways to go green, this event is the perfect opportunity to network, learn, and grow.


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