Self-Reporting Service Hours

May 2, 2012
Did you know you can now tell us where you’ve volunteered even if it was not an opportunity listed on the Volunteer Center website? It is easy to self-report your hours, just follow these steps:

1) Log on to your volunteer account at http://Volunteer.UWSN.org.  If you’ve not logged on for a while, your email address is your username. If you have forgotten your password, you can click “Forgot Password?” link in the login box.

2) Now that you are on your profile screen, click “Self Report Your Volunteer Service” on the left menu.

3) Select the organization you served. If the organization is not currently listed as a partner with UWSN’s Volunteer Center, you can click below the selection box to enter in the organization information.

4) Provide us with information about the name of the service (if there is not a specific name for the project, just tell us what you did, e.g. cleaned up the park). Let us know the date of the project, and then the start and end time as well as the area of service.

5) Submit the information to UWSN’s Volunteer Center. If the organization is a partner of UWSN’s Volunteer Center, they will be asked to verify your service. If they are not a partner, the organization can contact UWSN’s Volunteer Center to confirm your service.

6) Immediately after submitting the information, your hours total will be updated. All unverified hours will be noted under “Total Hours Served.” Verified hours will show up in “Verified Hours.” Once an organization has confirmed your service hours, those hours will show up as “Verified Hours.”

7) Recording all your service hours on UWSN’s Volunteer Center website will allow you to keep track of all volunteering, and be able to print out an official record when needed for a job application, resume or college application.

If you have any trouble self-reporting your hours, please contact UWSN’s Volunteer Center at 702-892-2300.


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