VISTA Spotlight: Man on a Mission

February 27, 2012

Image“To be a part of something greater than yourself helping others better their lives is in honor, especially helping those in the military community,” said brand new AmeriCorps VISTA Matt Haynes, a Las Vegas native and member of the Nevada National Guard.  With nine years in the military under his belt as well as two deployments overseas, Matt was the perfect candidate for the new position created by United Way of Southern Nevada’s Volunteer Center:  Advocate for Veterans, Active Duty Military, and their Families.

Matt’s first order of business in his new office is building partnerships with other organizations that service this unique population.  After connections are made, projects, programs, and events will be created for the military community including a Resume Resource Workshop, a Women Veterans Symposium, and the ongoing Operation Homecoming.  Operation Homecoming is a joint effort with the USO of Las Vegas where returning service members are welcomed home from deployments with handmade signs, heartfelt cards, and many, many thanks.

Matt said, “During my VISTA term, my main goal is to help as many veterans, active duty military, and their families as possible, but also to give them the ability to empower themselves in the future.”  He added, “The military community needs a lot of help in today’s world.  If I can educate the public on their endeavors and help veterans turn their lives around, my mission has been accomplished.”


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