Engaging Nevada’s Next Generation

December 9, 2011

Are you in high school?  Do you love to volunteer?  Would you like become a leader in your community?

Bank of America encourages juniors and seniors with a passion for improving communities to apply for the Bank of America Student Leader program.  Student Leaders participate in an eight-week paid internship, and receive an all expense paid week-long trip to the Student Leadership Summit in Washington DC to gain valuable civic, social, and business leadership skills. To learn more about this program or to apply, visit the Bank of America Student Leader website.

Young people interested in this program will be pleased to know that United Way of Southern Nevada has it’s own way of recognizing outstanding Student Leaders.  NGAGE (Next Generation Actively Gaining Experience) is a new program that promotes volunteerism and recognizes students for giving back.

Freshman through seniors are encouraged to participate in NGAGE.  A recognition event will be held on May 2, 2012 at Fashion Show Mall.  For more information on the program or to print a service timesheet, click here.



  1. Children should be taught at a much ealier age about giving back to the community. The soup kitchen seems to be the only place for a child to learn about personal repsonsilbity and giving back to a community they belong too.

    To me that is quite sad.

    • Roberta,

      We definitely agree with you. We encourage families to volunteer with their children as soon as appropriate for the child. We offer a lot of different volunteer opportunities that are appropriate for children that are beyond the soup kitchen.

      We launched our NGAGE program to target high school students because many organizations will take unaccompanied young adults, and they often have flexible schedules after school. Additionally, we know that in southern Nevada, many high school students are already volunteering, and we want to make sure that they are recognized for their work. Studies show that students who volunteer are more likely to graduate high school, and are more likely to go to college. We want to get more high school students involved in the community, as studies also show that volunteering as a young adult is more likely to lead to an adult being engaged with their community.

      Please make sure to check out our website for volunteer opportunities, http://Volunteer.uwsn.org, and please let us know if you have further questions.

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