Service for the Heart, Mind & Soul

July 13, 2011

Las Vegas: the city of sin, the city that never sleeps, the city of neon lights. Beyond the glitz and glamour of The Strip lies the heart of Las Vegas quite often overlooked beyond the wall of the I-15 North. Within the heart of Las Vegas there is a bright, welcoming sanctuary of peace, mercy, and refuge for the poor and homeless. This refuge of those poor and homeless seeking salvation, the Las Vegas Catholic Worker organization, provides means for the community to assist in feeding the hungry, providing shelter and sanitation for the homeless, providing monthly food distributions to families and senior citizens, and holding weekly vigils to spread the message of peace amongst humankind. Their featured project in the volunteer community, Soup for a Smile, supplies the poor and homeless with a flavorful bowl of soup and choices of garnishes, bread rolls, sweets for treats, and selections of tea, milk, and water. This volunteer activity is often featured on the HandsOn Nevada website, and is worthwhile to participate in to make a true difference in the Las Vegas community and if you are looking to brighten the light in someone’s soul and a smile to someone in need.

Soup for a Smile is a truly enriching volunteer service for the heart, mind, and soul for both the poor and homeless and the volunteers dedicating their time. Conducted Wednesdays through Saturdays at the break of dawn at 6AM in a historic neighborhood of Las Vegas, up to 200 poor and homeless members of our community can be found gathering for the Soup for a Smile program that is brought to them rather than having to come to the Catholic Worker building (although they are more than welcome to stop by there as well). They are people who come from all walks of life: all ages, all backgrounds, and all ethnicities. Each person has a story to tell, whether through their words or their eyes; one consistent trait noticed is the sudden spark of gratefulness seen in their faces, and a bond shared with those who they can trust. Reaching out to the most needed of Las Vegas’ community, Soup for a Smile is a transforming experience that has the capability to bring compassion to those who are looking to truly assist in uplifting the community from poverty.  For more information, visit http://www.lvcw.org.


If you’d like to experience Soup and a Smile visit the HandsOn Nevada website. If the time/dates don’t work for you there are many other opportunities that need volunteers.  Visit www.VolunteerCenterSN.org to find the right opportunity for you today!


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