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WRRP – Wellness, Redemption & Rehabilitation Program

November 30, 2010

“The Wellness, Redemption, & Rehabilitation Program (WRRP), Inc. does not support the persecution of formerly incarcerated people. Rather, we believe that we should not wait for people (youth or adults) to justify returning to incarceration when we can mitigate that and in turn reduce the amount of people that become victims of crime.” – Cornel Horn, Founder, WRRP, Inc.

Unfortunately, the statistics concerning convicted felons in the state of Nevada are alarming. 58% of inmates enter the system without having completed high school or GED and 78% of inmates have minimal job skills training. Both factors considerably reduce the chance any person would have at obtaining suitable employment in an already stressed economy. This is where WRRP, Inc. steps in. The ultimate objective of the organization is twofold. Their direct relationship is with ex-offenders to provide an information avenue for rehabilitative services so repeat offenses are minimized. Their indirect relationship is with potential victims of criminal activity and the logic is simple: educate offenders and rehabilitate to turn into productive members of society while promoting and maintaining a safe community for potential victims.

I was afforded the distinct opportunity to sit in on a WRRP, Inc. Board of Directors meeting and was pleasantly surprised at the rate at which the organization is growing. Federal grants to combat veteran homelessness are looming, fundraising activities are in the works, and formerly incarcerated people are being employed. Factor in the passion of the organizations founder and the eagerness of the board members to make a difference in the local community and WRRP, Inc. is paving the path to success. A success that affects our lives, directly or indirectly.

~ Jason

To volunteer with WRRP click HERE to see the available opportunities to volunteer!  If the time/dates don’t work for you there are many other opportunities that need volunteers.  Visit to find the right opportunity for you today!

You can also view information about WRRP and client testimonials on their YouTube channel HERE.