AmeriCorps Spotlight June 2010 – Chaz MacDonald

June 3, 2010

Name: Chaz MacDonald

Host Site:  My AmeriCorps host site is Three Square Food Bank.  I have been working with their Back Pack Program for Kids since November 2009.

Hometown:  I am not a native to Las Vegas, however, I have called Vegas home for 16 years.

What is your favorite thing about your AmeriCorps position?:  The thing I like the most about my AmeriCorps position is the feeling of satisfaction after a pack.  I love to look at all the volunteers who were “strangers” that came together for a common cause, to help end childhood hunger in Las Vegas; the dedication of our volunteers warms my heart, so many good people doing so many good things!

What is your favorite place to eat in southern Nevada?:  Mimi’s.  I love their French Onion soup!

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time?:  In my spare time I enjoy working in my yard, I find it very relaxing.

What is your favorite thing to do or place to in southern Nevada? If you’re new to town what is your number one thing you’d like to do or place you’d like to go?: 
One of my favorte things to do in our beautiful desert is hike and explore around Red Rock.

What is your favorite movie or TV show?:  My favorite T.V. show is Breaking Bad, kind of quirky story line and great characters.

What are your plans after AmeriCorps?:  My AmeriCorps commitment is up at the end of August but I hope to be able to stay at Three Square and continue to fight against hunger.

What is your favorite quote?:  “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Ghandi

That’s what the AmeriCorps program is all about, effecting change.  My time in the AmeriCorps program has helped me be more deeply involved in my community.  Thanks for the opportunity AmeriCorps!


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