From Volunteer to Employee

January 21, 2010

Howard is a retired executive assistant from Hollywood, CA. He lives in Summerlin and was partaking in all the festivities for the retired that Las Vegas offers. Drama class, singing class, etc. At one of our evening events Howard asked if we needed volunteers. “OF COURSE” was my reply. He completed the volunteer application, but due to prior commitments didn’t start volunteering for a few months.

“When I came to the Liberace Museum as a volunteer, the first place I worked was in the archives. It was the perfect place to learn about the man behind the costumes. Researching inquiries and working on special projects increased my respect and admiration for “Mr. Showmanship” Liberace.” says Howard.

We have an extensive archives, which is always in need of attention. Due to Howard’s previous employment, which required accuracy and a commitment to detail, we felt this was the perfect match. Howard volunteered 3 days a week. He has a very outgoing personality and doesn’t know a stranger. While volunteering he made friends with all the staff and we felt like he was staff opposed to a volunteer.

“After volunteering for a year and working special events in our Cabaret showroom, I was given the opportunity to actually work full time.” remembers Howard.

When a position became available the first one we thought of was Howard. When we offered him employment he wasn’t sure if he wanted to go back to work, after all he came to Las Vegas to retire, but he relented and now Howard has expanded his role to the point where he can fill in most Museum positions; he’s invaluable.

“Adding to my experience is the thrill of giving tours every week to our guests, some of whom have never heard of Liberace. It’s a thrill to see them leave with the knowledge of all he has done in his life both professionally and personally. My job is to help ensure that the Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts continues to live on.” says Howard.

This story was written by Shirley Swift, Manager, Community Relations for the Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts.

For opportunities to volunteer at the Liberace Museum click HERE.


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