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MADD Update!

October 27, 2009

This past Saturday October 24th was National Make a Difference Day. Hundreds of volunteers from all over the valley came together and got involved!

I was at University United Methodist Child Development Center and helped paint two preschool classrooms. At first it seemed like a fresh coat of paint wouldn’t do that much to help the “brightness” of the room. But I was definitely proved wrong! After the 25 or so of us volunteers got done painting the whole atmosphere felt different. We worked hard to cover any blemishes on the wall and got done in no time. It was really awesome to see how just a few hours and some white paint could transform the classrooms for the kids!

There was also Shots for Tots that went on. The Health Department, The City of North Las Vegas and United Way teamed up to deliver vaccinations to little ones all day long! Hundreds of community members came out to take advantage of the help and now all of those children are vaccinated for school. Not to mention that AmeriCorps member, Terrence Readus, put in countless hours and energy to make it all happen. He was helped out on Make a Difference Day by lots of fellow members as well.

These aren’t the only projects that took place either. Curbs were painted, the homeless were fed, and a memorial picnic was held for Creekside Hospice. The day ended with our city, our community be a little better because of us! Great job everyone! See you next Make a Difference Day!


Make a Difference!

October 13, 2009

October 24th is Make a Difference Day and the Volunteer Center has TONS of ways for you to get involved and live united! This is a national, annual service day and with so much need in our community your helping hands can make a huge difference!

There are currently fifteen opportunities posted. They range from painting preschool classrooms to serving soup to the homeless to painting curbs. You can help with Creekside Hospice’s “To Smile Again” picnic (you get lunch too!). Shots for Tots is also going on if you’d like to spend time with some little ones! Whatever your interest is there is an opportunity in that area. Round up friends, family, and co workers and make a difference this October 24th. Go to to sign up today!