Week Update!

September 18, 2009

Whoa! It feels like I haven’t updated this in a while! This has been one whirlwind of a week and I hate to neglect this so I’m going to post tons of updates!
I had the great opportunity to be at the UNLV Involvement Fair this week and it was such a good way to network. There were over 100 student organizations and who knew that there were so many involved students!? What was so great about the event was the ability to meet students and hear what they were interested in. Particularly, the fact that schedules are so crazy during the school year that weekends work best for everyone which is perfect for my Pals with Paws Play Date! Which is filling up quickly!!! So my appreciation goes out to Jacob Murdock and the Rebel Service Council for hosting the Involvement Fair – great job team!!! (Oh, and check out UNLV vs. Hawaii Saturday September 19! Should be a great game 🙂

This week was also United Way of Southern Nevada’s Campaign Kickoff Event! This was an affair to remember. It was football themed and United Way’s fabulous team went all out for the occasion. Everything from the music, the centerpieces, and even the power point were fantastic! There was a drum line, UNLV cheerleaders, and baton twirlers. The icing to the cake was that Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger spoke! It was a really great time and of course, the food was fabulous. Kudos to Jill Jackson, Niki Jones, Laurie Mann and the entire UW staff for making the event so memorable!

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