Don’t Monkey Around

September 8, 2009

(Below is a self portrait. Just kidding!)

Labor Day weekend was full of fancy and fun things in my life. A huge IKEA shopping trip with my sister, along with tons of homemade, sweet treats and a beach day in L.A. I also signed up via L.A. Works to volunteer at a Gibbon Conservation Center. L.A. Works is an affiliate of The Hands On Network and provides similiar opportunities that The Volunteer Center of Southern Nevada does, but to Los Angeles Residents! Unfortunately a pesty eye infection kept me from completing the volunteer duties, and from other plans in the land of sunshine. But I decided I should talk about the fabulous things that the center is doing, despite my ailment.
The Gibbon Conservation Center is a nonprofit facility established by Alan Richard Mootnick in 1976 for the study, propagation, conservation and betterment of the highly endangered small ape, the gibbon, and for the education of the public about the plight of this fascinating primate. The Gibbon is a type of ape that have become endangered. They are the fastest and most agile of all tree-dwelling, non-flying mammals. These remarkable Gibbons are very social animals. They are strongly territorial, and defend their boundaries with vigorous visual and vocal displays. (Sounds like my mom! Ha ha) The gibbons’ ball-and-socket joints allow them unmatched speed and accuracy when swinging through trees. The center offers tours, hosts volunteers, and provides tons of information and education to the public. If you would like more information on the center (or to volunteer!) click here.
To check out L.A. Works click here.
P.S. Don’t ever drive on a freeway with one eye closed, people will honk at you. And it’s difficult to see.

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