Insider Point of View

August 28, 2009

My co-worker, Danny (as seen above with his Best Buddy), leads the Project Leader Trainings that the Volunteer Center hosts. I’ve attended one and definitely came out of it with more ideas and a better understanding of the tedious-ness that goes into leading a project. It’s a great way to learn more, get your creative juices flowing and meet people with similar interests. To attend the next session click here. Below is a blurb he wrote, check it out!
Project Leader Training is a very useful tool for all past, present, and future volunteers. Once a month I take 2 hours or less to bring together those interested in finding out about the next step in volunteering. I always stress that there is no obligation to go any further than the training itself, because even if a volunteer never leads a project, they will have a better grasp of what goes into the projects he or she participates in. The quick, informative session is aimed at shedding light on the thinking and organization that must accompany a quality project idea. Organization is a must, and communication is at an all time high when making an idea come to life. I always emphasize the need for adaptability. Obstacles arise with any project, especially in the nonprofit world. Being flexible (and showing up extra early) will allow project leaders to face these obstacles and turn them into opportunities to deliver under pressure. Having fun is very important, but balancing that fun with managing tasks is of utmost importance. For me, I enjoy the trainings because I see the folks taking time out their day to learn how they can better serve the community. No two sessions are the same (even though the material does not change), and the questions from volunteers are always intriguing and well thought. The main focus is to remember that when it’s all said and done, every act of volunteerism is a great achievement for those involved. You cannot fail when you volunteer your time to improve the lives of others.
-Danny Horen

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