Back to School Crew

August 25, 2009
On Saturday August 22, 2009 The City of North Las Vegas hosted a HUGE back to school fair at the CSN Cheyenne campus. And when I say HUGE, I mean HUGE. Two hours before the event there were already attendees lining up and an hour before the event, there were around 1,000 people waiting! We were told that 5 – 6 thousand people would be coming through the doors looking for information, immunizations, and goodies. I was skeptical… until the 1,000 person auditorium in which I was helping was packed full of people! Not to mention the thousands of other attendees in other buildings, auditoriums, and classrooms. The event offered services including dental, immunizations, Medicaid, foreclosure, and college planning. There were, what appeared to be, at least a hundred community organizations present giving out fabulous information and yummy treats! (My favorite). There were also many volunteer groups! I was so excited to see that companies, organizations, and even meet-up crews came together to help at this event.

(some Volunteers from Hope Court)
For the first part of the day I assisted Advanced Behavioral Care with the set up of their tables and distribution of information. Advanced Behavioral Care is an organization that aims to provide mental and physical health services to children and families.

ABC deserves a HUGE shout out for their impeccable planning, organization of materials, and amazing team. Every single employee was friendly and helpful. AND there were literally piles of snacks like doughnuts, croissants, banana loaf bread, sandwiches, and cookies for employees and volunteers! So you know how excited I was to be there! ABC passed out t-shirts, pamphlets, and treats to the attendees and I can honestly say I think they were the most popular table! Way to go team! For more info on Advanced Behavioral Care call 702-629-6000.

I was really shocked at how many people attended the event and I was also pleasantly surprised at the flow of things with such a large crowd. No event with 5,000 attendees can be seamless, but it was a great event and seeing THAT many of my neighbors receive information and assistance was a great way to spend my Saturday morning!


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