Animal Adoptions!!!!

August 21, 2009

So today I met with The Animal Foundation and I found out some really cool upcoming events going on over there!

August 29Lucky Casino BBQ @ The Lied Animal Shelter 12 pm -4 pm ($60 adoptions on all animals!) This is a FABULOUS price and very hard to beat!
September 11 & 13 Adoption Event 10 am – 2pm Petsmart @ Lake Mead & Rainbow
September 12 Adoption Event 11 am – 2 pm The District @ Green Valley Ranch
September 12 & 19 Volunteer Orientation 11 am @ The Lied Animal Shelter
I learned that The Lied Animal Shelter is the largest, single regional no-kill shelter in the United States! Lied tops cities like Chicago, NYC and L.A. – where pet owners would have to travel to up to 10 different shelters just to find Fluffy or Fido. We have 3 shelters here in Las Vegas, but Lied is the only one with animal control officers who bring animals in rather than letting them roam the streets or wait to be turned in. Lied utilizes volunteers Monday – Sunday 11 am – 7 pm and emphasizes the consistency and commitment they see from many volunteers. Volunteers are needed for everything from paperwork to dog walking to playing with cats to animal intake. Being a huge animal advocate myself, I am amazed at what The Animal Foundation has done and continues to do within our community. Kudos to them! I’ll definitely be updating you all on my experiences with the shelter and I so look forward to the upcoming events!


  1. I am moved by this organization. I love pets and I really do like to watch over them play with each other. I have cats, dogs, tortoises, mayna bird and love birds back home and it keeps us away from stress all the time. How do I become a part of your organization>?Animal Adoption

  2. Hi Sasha! Below is the information we have on The Animal Foundation. Hopefully it will help to connect you to their organization so you can volunteer!The Animal Foundation is a private, 501(C)(3) Tax Exempt non-profit, multi-service agency dedicated to making a difference in the lives of animals in the Las Vegas Valley. To promote the humane treatment of animals, we operate the Valley’s largest open-admission shelter, lost and found services, rabies observation, foster home and adoption services, an affordable vaccination clinic, community education and humane and sensitive euthanasia.Web site: http://www.liedanimalshelter.orgWork: 702-384-3333Primary: vabraham@animalfoundation.com

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