Time to Focus

August 18, 2009
This past Saturday I volunteered with Child Focus and went back to school shopping with the kids at a local Target. To tell you a little bit about Child Focus they are a locall non-profit whose vision is to provide a multi-service facility that will house, under one roof, all of the major services, programs and support to assist foster families in providing the best possible care for children living temporarily in their custody. After reading up on Child Focus I got really excited to volunteer with them.
The event kicked off with an orientation the week prior to familiarize the volunteers with the process. Not only was the orientation a great way to learn more about Child Focus but we also did a really cool ice-breaker which I’ll be using in future endeavors! So anyways, the entire affair was really organized, which made for a fabulous event! We all knew where to go, when to go there, and what to do. Nothing beats clarity, especially for a big event like this. We headed to Target and the kids were able to get a lot of cool stuff for the upcoming school year. Everything from clothes to shoes to backpacks full of school supplies. Target was amazingly generous in hosting us and as always, very helpful and positive! The Child Focus staff I volunteered with were all knowledgeable and passionate about their cause, which made for a really great day. The day wrapped up with arts and crafts, pizza, and a huge group picture. Check out the pics below of the awesome event.
If you’d like to learn more about Child Focus and the clients they serve: click here.
If you’d like to volunteer for events like THIS: click here.
(all of the bags full of goodies!)

(some of the kids 🙂


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