Up and Coming Events!

August 13, 2009
Hello, hello! So today is Thursday which makes the weekend so close I can almost taste it!

-Tonight I’ll be at Sweet Tomatoes on North Rainbow supporting Spirit Therapies from 5-8 pm! Please come out and enjoy some great food for a great cause!
-Tomorrow night, Friday August 14th, I’ll be volunteering at Main St. Station with Harry Levy for the Candlelight Dinner. This should be a great event and I’ll be sure to update everyone on how it went. (I even get to wear a tux! Maybe I’ll do the moonwalk and video it…)
-I’ll be spending my Saturday morning with Child Focus, volunteering for a good portion of the day. We’re going to be taking some youth to Target for back to school shopping. And anything involving shopping, with someone else’s money, I’m ALL for!!!
-On Saturday The Animal Foundation is hosting a volunteer training for anyone who would like to volunteer at Lied Animal Shelter. It’s on a walk-in basis, starts at 11 and is located at 655 N Mojave Rd Las Vegas, NV 89101. Go to the trailer behind the big, white tent.
-You can serve soup to the homeless with Las Vegas Catholic Worker Saturday morning (it’s a bit early!)

Would you want to come out and volunteer for any of these?
If so check out The Volunteer Center!
Register, browse, and sign up. It’s that easy!


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