Spirit Therapies

August 3, 2009

This weekend’s volunteering was really cool. I spent my Saturday morning at Spirit Therpies, which I first wrote about on July 8th. Working on the ranch and with their 8 horses is really relaxing and the people that volunteer with Spirit Therapies are always so welcoming and enjoyable to be around.
There was one volunteer, Rachel, who has been there for two years! (seen below in one of the stalls) Giving up her time every Saturday morning to clean stalls, groom horses, and maintain the property. When I asked her about why she does it she said, “It’s just nice to be out here, doing something for the kids and it’s not strenuous and it’s never boring.” Another longtime volunteer, Charla, spends the majority of her time at Spirit Therapies. (seen below with Laurie) After retiring she was able to devote her time to things she really enjoyed doing. She said, “You know, I think I’m working harder now than I did when I worked. But it sure doesn’t feel like work. It feels amazing.” The positive energy of all the volunteers, combined with the welcoming attitude and plethora of information on horses that director Laurie offers, makes a truly fantastic experience for any volunteer.

If you would like to volunteer with Spirit Therapies please visit the Volunteer Center of Southern Nevada!

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