Ego Boost

July 28, 2009

So I didn’t volunteer last night but I do have a cool AmeriCorps story. Let me share.

I was in the produce section of Smiths, when a gentlemen turns to me and says, “Oh my, are you an AmeriCorps member?!” Me (apprehenisve that a stranger is talking to me and recognizes my t-shirt logo) “Yes, I am…” Man: “Well, you know I was a vet at U.S. Vets years ago. Really down and out on my luck. I finally completed the U.S. Vets program and then became an AmeriCorps member. U.S. Vets saved my life and then AmeriCorps gave me a second chance!”
Me (a little loud and very excited): “OMG Really?! That’s amazing! Congratulations that’s really awesome.It’s so great to meet you! How are you now? How’s everything going for you?”

The conversation continued from there. But at the end he thanked me for my service and told me to keep doing good work! Such a great thing to hear on a Monday afternoon.

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