Weekend Update

July 21, 2009

My weekend was pretty awesome. Friday night Big T, myself, and Heather went to the Face to Face(book) event which was very cool! It was held at Studio 8 Ten in downtown Las Vegas and the studio itself has an awesome story. And Saturday night I got to volunteer for Foundation for Recovery’s Art Auction.

Studio 8 Ten partners with Transition Services to offer job training to people with disabilities. Ranging from retail sales, soap-making, card-making, to many other arts and crafts. The studio then sells these pieces in their gift shop. The Face to Face(book) event displayed and sold local artist’s art. Le Cordon Bleu catered and Missing Blind performed. The event was a nice change in pace in that it was in an art gallery (in Vegas no less), helping out our neighbors, and educating the community on the needs of Transition Services and it’s clients. Oh yeah, and the free food from Le Cordon Bleu was FABULOUS!

Saturday night was another great night for me. I volunteered at the Foundation for Recovery Art Auction held at the TAM Alumni Center at UNLV. Foundation for Recovery is an organization which assists people with addictions of all kinds in getting another chance at life! Through donations and fundraising the organization is enabled to help with treatment for their growing clientele. Attendees got to view the donated art in second floor art gallery (which if you haven’t checked it out – swing by and see the great space). While enjoying finger foods and beverages the Green Valley Highschool Jazz Band played and later, an acapella group entertained us. The auction went well, with all the pieces being sold and raising hundreds of dollars. Plus I even got to take some cookies home. Just my kind of event.

If you, or anyone you know, could benefit from Transition Services call 702-644-9418.
Studio 8 Ten is located at 810 South Las Vegas Blvd.Las Vegas, NV 89101702 and is open M-F 10-6.

To volunteer for events such as the Foundation for Recovery Art Auction click here.

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