AmeriCorps Graduation

July 16, 2009

As we all know by now – I’m all about the free food! Today Big T and I went to help out at the US Vets AmeriCorps graduation and of course, there was a free meal involved :]
The AmeriCorps members that served at US Vets served full-time positions. As I described in my July 9th post about the Dina Titus visit, US Vets is a great program that provides housing, counseling, job assistance, and HOPE to thousands of homeless veterans each year. They have 257 beds for homeless veterans!!! Their programs foster the skills necessary for every veteran to return to the community and remain self-sufficient. The facility is not only efficient, but it’s also very well maintained.
The AmeriCorps members work at all different levels and capacities, wearing many different hats and helping in all sorts of ways. Without AmeriCorps members, US Vets employees would have a lot more on their hands. Today was the member’s graduation from the program and it was set up beautifully by Karen Lewis, the program director. The Nellis Air Force Base Honor Guard did a presentation of colors, an AmeriCorps member sang the National Anthem and there were also guest speakers.
Everyone was able to be congratulated and recognized for their service to US Vets and rightfully so! Congrats go to James Austin, Andrea Canales, Jessica Harakidas, Colby Mortensen, Jessica Park, Sonja Ramirez, Kristi Swenson, Steven Basmajian, Ray Foliente, Luis Molina, Lynn Oakley, Olwyn Pruitt, Caralynn Scala, Desiree Tennant for serving. And congrats to Karen Lewis for organizing a great event!!!
The lunch was great, but dessert took a toll on my tummy and I left a little early to calm it. Note to self: don’t get so excited that you eat a HUGE piece of cake in celebration…


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