Target/NACE Project

July 15, 2009
(Big T and me before the event)
(Heather with her trusty Starbucks) On June 9th my fabulous co-worker, Danny Horen, organized a great event! Target and the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) partnered for the fantastic event at Variety Early Learning Center. Variety is a school that offers income adjusted education and childcare to community members. Volunteers from Target and NACE rotated between painting the mural, coloring bookplates, and spending time in classrooms with the children. The school is full of bright and happy kids and the mural we all helped paint definitely reflects their personalities. (Pictures below of Volunteers working on the mural – pictures of finished mural at the end of blog)

(Me painting George the Giraffe 🙂
Target was very generous in sponsoring this event. They provided transportation, lunch, and all supplies for the mural. The volunteers were also able to build goody bags full of toiletries and nutritious snacks and donate more than 200 books to the students.

(bookplates we all colored for the books)

The best part of all (for me at least) was the time I got to spend hanging out with the kids. When I first entered the classroom they were doing a dancing exercise and I just had to join in. Then we went outside to play on the playground. The kids were so energetic and excited to have more “big kids” to play with! They certainly were up for picture taking, so I got tons of good snapshots of their smiling faces.Of all the volunteer projects I’ve done so far, this one was by far my favorite for several reasons. I got to help paint a mural, I got to hang out and read to kids, I got to do goofy dances with the kids, I got to color, I got a free (DELICIOUS) lunch, I got to hang out with really cool people all day and I got a picture with Robin! If that isn’t a fun-filled day I don’t know what is. I was even able to get a picture with our camera shy Volunteer Center Director, Robin :]

If you or anyone you know could benefit from Variety’s resources please click here.
Check out your neighborhood Target here.
See what NACE is all about here.


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