Letter Carriers Food Drive

July 14, 2009

The National Letter Carriers Food Drive is a really awesome event that occurs every spring. Basically citizens put out bags of non-perishable food items and the letter carriers pick up all the food and donate it to local food pantries. You can also drop off food at designated sites (in some areas). The great thing about this event is that the food you donate goes directly toward helping your neighbors! It’s not as if you give money to a foundation and you don’t know where it specifically goes! So on Saturday May 9th, I got to help out with food collection at a local Albertsons!

My fellow AmeriCorps member, Alfonso, and I were stationed at an Albertsons in Henderson. The day started off great with other volunteers meeting us there who were also going to collect food for the drive.
(our first item)
The coolest thing happened too – a guy came and was grocery shopping and saw us. He commented that he was just at Costco the day before and had seen Mac ‘n’ Cheese for dirt cheap. Had he known he would have bought us 100 boxes, he said! Well we went on collecting and a few hours later our friend returned with 100 boxes of Mac ‘n’ Cheese for the drive! How awesome is that!
(our Mac ‘n’ Cheese friend)

The day ended with two full collection bins full! In total The National Letter Carriers Food Drive collected 73.4 million pounds of food!!! Alberstons was more than hospitable to us and our neighbors donated a ton of food and money to the drive. It was a seriously fun day hanging out with Alfonso and collecting donations. The best part? Knowing that our neighbors were going to benefit from just a few hours of work!!!
(our first item and our full bin)

If you’d like to find out more about the National Letter Carriers click here.
If you’d like to find your local Albertsons click here.

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