8 On Your Side Health Fair

July 14, 2009
(my Partner in Crime and me)

The whole waking up early for work deal really wasn’t my thing when I first started at United Way. But the lure of free treats and occasional trips out of the office gets me moving. This was especially the case on May 14. I distinctly remember not wanting to leave the comfort of my slumber. But, I was “asked” (more like told since it’s my job (that I love!)) to spend the whole day at the 8 On Your Side Health Fair. I was pretty happy because not only did we get yummy treats as volunteers – we also got a delicious lunch and lots of water! Thanks Jason’s Deli!

The Health fair offered community members a plethora of helpful information. Informational services were provided for several key areas: government benefits, healthcare, food, financial services, workforce development and housing, utility and rental assistance. In addition, Southern Nevada Health District provided no-cost childhood immunizations onsite to eligible children. It was really rad to see how so many folks turned up, got help, and left happy. There was so much information that even I browsed around and soaked it all in. In times such as these – free assistance and information is NEVER a bad thing!

(Heather and me)

So even though the day was full of “work”, I still had a really good time. The food was delicious and T and I worked hard! As I’ve said before – I really enjoy spending time working hands on with community members and seeing my neighbors benefit from my neighbors! This is exactly what the fair was. And if you enjoy seeing the same thing – come volunteer with me! Or come to the next 8 On Your Side Help Fair!

The next 8 On Your Side Help Fair will be held Tuesday, August 11, from noon until 4:30 p.m. It will take place at the Heinrich YMCA at 4141 Meadows Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89107. The event is open to the public and free of charge. There will also be a fair on November 5.

To volunteer for events like this please visit The Volunteer Center of Southern Nevada!
To get up to the minute, local Las Vegas news checkout Channel 8.

(Some AmeriCorps Members @ the Fair)


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