Campaign Finale

July 13, 2009

On Tuesday April 14th United Way of Southern Nevada had their huge campaign finale! The downside? I had to wake up kind of early and navigate my way through the Wynn/Encore hotels to the ball room. The upside? An amazing (free : ) lunch! The lunch definitely outweighed the navigation.
I got stationed at the entrance of the Encore Hotel and directed attendees toward the ballroom. This job may seem minute, but don’t be fooled. These attendees were anxious and lost and I was there to help! Once everyone was rounded up and seated the show began (with Elvis as the emcee). There was a really cool video montage of volunteers and some recent events UWSN had done. (Check out the Flash Mob video link below). Then UWSN presented donors and community partners with awards for their generous contributions to the community. Finally, UWSN unveiled how much they had collected through donations in the year which was $13,429,766!!!! These funds go toward health, education, and promoting financial independence within the community.
The day was actually a lot more fun than I expected, the venue was beautiful, and the lunch was fabulous! I especially enjoyed the cheesecake dessert. Kudos to the Encore team on that one! I also got a snapshot with The King himself.

Flash Mob Video!!!

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